Helloooo everyone and yes…. Happy Belated Valentine’s day to you ♡

I originally planned to post a valentine’s day date makeup look, but because this post will be up waaay past the actual day itself, I thought it’d be pretty much irrelevant by then.

So instead, today’s post will be a review of Etude house proof 10 auto pencil eyeliner. If you are a beginner with makeup or you like those really natural korean-ish makeup looks, this product is perfect for you! OR ya knoow, if you were alone this valentine’s day and you wanna get yoself a boothaaang, maybe this could be a little bit of a help to steal his glances with your pretty eyes <3.

[Disclaimer: you are going to be seeing some really unruly and spikey eyebrows and I apologize. I did not realize how overgrown they were until I looked at the photos through my laptop :”D]

This retails for SGD$12.90. Comes in 4 colors; black, glittery black, dark grey and brown. I bought mine in black. I’ve previously bought dark grey as well but I ran out.

After sharpened. It gets really pointy, perfect to create a really thin line along lash line.

I tried rubbing this with my finger. No smudging whatsoever. YASS!

I cannot really explain by words on the angle of how I applied this eyeliner, so I hope this photo kind of speaks for itself. I always start from the outer part of my lashes in a back and forth motion, making sure to get in between my lashes as well (tightline). Some people tightline from below the lashline, I used to do that too, but it really irritates my eyes when I do that. So now I just point my eyeliner upwards and tightline from above the lashline (hopefully you understand this explanation lol).

Don’t you just loveee how a really thin line can make a difference in the way your eyes look.


A twist up pencil eyeliner with a plastic body and detachable sharpener at the bottom. Very lightweight, like any other pencil liners I suppose.

Application, Texture, Finish and Staying power

Application is smooth. There’s no tugging of eyelids which I supper appreciate becauseee, I don’t want no wrinkles at this age you know. Texture is creamy and this dries matte. Once set, it will not budge at all. Also, this is waterproof. This eyeliner does not need to be smudged for it to be smudge-free. Pretty contradicting sentence right, but! there are eyeliners out there that need to be smudged for it to be smudge-free (soo many “smudge” word in a sentence haha).


Verdict: 9/10

I just freakin’ love this product. For the price and quality, it’s definitely a steal. There are probably better pencil liners out there, but for this price range, I certainly haven’t found any at the moment. One downside though, if you like to have sharpened liners at all times, these are going to run out like craaay cray fast. I’m not even kidding, I’ve gone through 2 of these within like 1 1/2 months. So now my trick is that I only sharpen my pencil when I  draw the end part of my liner. Another thing also, If you really really have oily skin type, this might smudge just a tad bit for you. However, I’m pretty positive it won’t leave you with panda eyes. I have really watery eyes and oily lids and the most damage this product does is just a bit of smudging on my lower lash line.

Would I ever re-purchase: BIG FAT YES!


Finally another review done! I’ve either been sick or so busy that I couldn’t sit down and have a time for my blog 🙁 Thank you for reading! Do comment if you have any feedback for me to improve my blog! My ears are all open for constructive critisism~~~

See ya on my next one guys!


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